Meet the team

Meet our head designer and director

Mel Elliott studied psychology, art and English, before spending a number of years abroad running a government project which included overseeing a number of publications in an RAF environment. She was also the only civilian editor of an RAF publication. Whilst bringing up four children, further study included graphic design, leading to a career in design. Rapidly working her way to senior designer, Mel set up her own design company - Dimension6000 - 15 years ago. Quickly progressing into web development and design, Mel also ran her own music magazine for seven years whilst continuing to expand her company's design and development-related services. She has striven to ensure her team can offer a wealth of marketing skills to Dimension6000's diverse and growing client base.

Meet our developer, designer and database expert

Brett Kaby is a graphic designer, software & website developer and database expert. With a diverse set of skills from video design and rendering to website development and deployment he has been a valued addition to the Dimension6000 team. With experience in designing analytical models for analysing mined data to produce useful, and more importantly actionable, reports he has been able to advise clients on how to change behaviour to increase overall productivity and turnover. Brett has a keen understanding of how behaviour on the web works today, where clicks and page views are no longer the way to measure performance of websites, adverts, articles and other website content.

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