Computer Services

PC, MAC and IT Services

Dimension6000 is here to provide you with complete IT support, whether you need a PC or MAC repairing, speeding up, upgrading or a completely new office network installing we are here to cover all your needs.

We care about aftercare

After we've serviced your PC or MAC, installed your wireless printer, speeded-up your laptop and connected your TV to the internet for streaming, we don't always have to come back on-site if there's another job you want doing. We can connect remotely to your PC/MAC (you have to provide a secure password) and sort the issue for you right then and there – no hassle, no fuss and no appointment to book.

MACs need love too

MACs can be speeded-up and upgraded as well, even the iMac all-in-one models can be serviced and upgraded to achieve maximum performance. We provide a whole range of MAC-specific services. MACs can do anything that a PC can (aside from gaming) so if network printing or file sharing around an office seems like a dream, think again.

Need to speak to a human being?

Give us a call today to discuss your IT issues or needs and we will advise you on how best to proceed. All quotes are free with no obligation to commit and we won't need your date of birth, your mother's maiden name or the name of your first pet.

Bespoke PCs

Need a high end gaming or video processing/rendering rig but off-the-shelf machines not up to the task? Have a custom rig built today! We can spec and build you that perfect powerhouse you need within surprisingly reasonable budgets.